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Aromatherapy is a serious option for those interested in holistic healing. All Essential oils are natural born infection fighters, and like cinnamon, tea tree, lemon and oregano have notable antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties that have been proven in scientific studies. European countries such as France and England hold aromatherapy in much higher regard, using it as a natural medical therapy in hospitals and clinics.

Incorporation of aromatherapy into your medical care routine may help you lessen your dependence and dosage of costly pharmaceutical drugs. Personally, as an arthritis sufferer, I have been able to cut down on pain medication to the point the savings pays for my monthly supply of essential oils. And I feel better too, and how do you put a price tag on that?

Medicinal uses of oils Recipe List
Gas and Bloating oils
For abdominal pain and indigestion massage the fol...
Abdominal cramps and Constipation oils
Aromatherapy can reduce the stress and tension tha...
Abdominal Pain and Cramping Blend
Pour a small amount of the blend into your palm...
For rheumatic pain, or sore muscles massage the fo...
Australian disinfectant oils
Ease breathing and disinfect the air with these oi...
Bronchitis and chest congestion Blend
This oil blend loosens mucus, and acts as a decong...
Cardamom and Thyme Steam
Cardamom is an expectorant and decongestant. It ca...
Cayenne Infused oil
Cayenne oil is not nearly as irritating to the...
Chamomile and thyme Boil Treatment
To draw the infection to the skins surface, make a...
Chamomile for Asthma
A gentle massage on the back with chamomile can he...
Clove and ChamomileToothache relief
Put 1 drop of clove oil on a cotton ball and ap...
Clove and rosemary sore muscle blend
This warming blend of oils will ease sore muscles ...
Comforting arthritis massage blend for dogs
Having said that, however, dogs generally love to...
Comfrey and Calendula Blister Balm
This salve is good for all manner of abrasions,...
Cuts and scrapes
For most minor scrapes, cuts and abrasions first c...
Double Chamomile remedy for rashes
Use this double dose of chamomile to treat skin i...
Dry cough and congestion oils
Massage this blend on the chest and back, then c...
Fragrant Pain Relief For Bath Or Massage
This is quite a beneficial formula in providing pa...
Fresh Ginger and rosemary for Pain
Make a strong tea with grated fresh ginger, about ...
Geranium compress stop bleeding
Geranium essential oil can be applied in a compres...
Ginger and black pepper oils for sprains
Rest the sprain in an ice pack, 15 minutes, 3 time...
Ginger root infused oil
1 cups of fresh ginger root finely chopped 2 ...
Goldenseal and Clove Tooth Pain Paste
Mix the essential oils with 1/2 teaspoon of golden...
Goldenseal leaf oil
100g dried and coarsely ground goldenseal leaves, ...
Helichrysum for Injuries
Apply this blend immediately to injury to reduce...
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